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I am a Libertarian, and therefore believe in small government and personal freedom and responsibility.  Government should protect our rights, not trample on them.  At the federal level we should tax and spend far less.  We should not be in debt! 

Individuals should be free to live their lives in the manner that is best for them, as long as they are not hurting others.  I believe in the free market and I am accepting of all peoples, especially when their beliefs and cultures are different than my own.  We should STOP fighting endless and useless foreign wars as they do more harm than good.  We should reach out to the world with commerce, culture and friendship, not with guns and drones!

I support Libertarian Gary Johnson for President!  If you are fed-up with your choices of Hillary and Trump, do some research on Gary Johnson, he’s great!  He was a Republican governor of New Mexico, reelected in a landslide in a Democratic state.  He balanced the budget and vetoed 750 wasteful laws. He’s a triathlete and has climbed Mount Everest with a broken leg!    He’s a great guy, he will work with both sides of the aisle and be a fantastic president.

And YES, he has a chance to win.  Right now he’s polling at about 12%.  If we get to 15% that puts him into the presidential debates and once the nation sees that he’s a better choice, we could gain even more traction.  If we reach 25 – 30% we can win some or even many states. It’s possible that the election might split up the states three ways with no one winning a majority of the Electoral College. If that happens, then the election goes into the House of Representatives where Gary Johnson would be the favored candidate, as a good choice for both Republicans and Democrats.  For more on how an election is decided in the House of Representatives click HERE.

A wasted vote is for the corrupt and broken two party system.  Make your vote count, vote for Liberty, vote for Gary Johnson!

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