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Doug Burgoyne's views on local government include:

- Financially responsible, don't spend money that we don't have.

- Socially inclusive and tolerant, live your life as you see best for yourself and your family, as long as you are not violating the rights of others.

- Government and others should not tell you how to live your life.

- I strongly believe in the rights of ALL people, regardless of social status, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, etc.  All people are equally important.

- I strongly believe in the Constitution of the United States, I have sworn to defend it, I have risked my life in its defense, and I will always fight to do what's right by our Constitution.



I would represent ALL residents of Allendale equally, always choosing to do what protects the rights of ALL. 

Simplify Planning Board process

I would simplify the planning board process so that our local residents do not have to expend excess time and resources for approval.

Ethics and Transparency

I believe in fully open, ethical and transparent local government.

Lower TAXES (Especially for Senior Citizens)

I would always advocate the lowering of taxes.  I would specifically advocate for a reduced property tax rate for senior citizens.

Burgoyne for Allendale Council
96 Crescent Place, Allendale, NJ  07401
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